PROPAGATES HEAT   Heath spreads equally all over its surface, cooking food integrally and not just through the bottom of the pan.

RETAINS HEAT   Maintains  the heat acquired on the stove for a long time, keeping food always warm at the table.

ENERGY SAVING  Once the right temperature is reached, just a low flame is needed to keep it constant.

HEALTHY AND NATURAL  You can cook with little or no oil. The taste of the food naturally comes forth, while all its nutritional qualities remain preserved.

NON CONTAMINATING   Its chemical composition is not affected by heat, so that no harmful substance is released into the food.

 NON-STICK   Being a non-porous stone with a natural non-stick property, it prevents food from sticking to the bottom of the pan.

ODOR FREE   Being non-stick, it doesn’t get permeated by food residue, staying odorless after cleaning.

EASY TO CLEAN    Its non-stick property makes washing easy, either by hand or in the dishwasher.  

REPELS HUMIDITY    Ideal to keep salt and spices dry.


RETAINS COLD   As it does with heat, it retains cold too. Excellent for wine chillers, ice-buckets and sushi plates.

DURABLE AND STYLISH  Soapstone kitchenware are durable tools that keep their features and properties over time.  Traditionally used by master chefs, these elegant and useful cooking tools are a must for every gourmet.