Established in 1991, Artha is a Brazilian company, run by Italian management, manufacturer of high quality soapstone kitchenware with the Cookstone brand. For the past fifteen years our output has entirely been exported to Europe, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Japan, where our products are distributed to hotels, restaurants and the professional gourmet trade in general.

Cookstone is an industrial artisan company that focuses on quality and creativity rather than mass production. Besides perfecting the classical copper handles line, we’ve been reinventing tradition by applying new technical solutions. Our patented system for fixing any industrially made handle directly to the stone enables us to create and manufacture exclusive designs. The same system allows us to attach a stainless steel plate to the bottom of the pan, which makes it fit for use on induction stoves. The metal plate acts as a flame diffuser as well: by spreading evenly the direct flame of gas stoves to the whole bottom of the pan, it avoids possible cracks due to uneven heating.